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Welcome to Ilse Pienaar Physiotherapy

A Physio Practice situated in Glen Marais, Kempton Park. I am a Physiotherapist that believes in mainly hands on approach that will be complimented with dry needling, strapping and electrotherapy as the condition requires. I look further than the obvious site of pain at all contributing factors. I believe in letting the patient understand the ‘why behind the what’. Letting them understand their condition and the role they play in improving and maintaining their condition at best.

Medical aid rates are charged.


Physiotherapy Services


Joint and Muscle Pain

Muscle Spasms


Neck Pain

Back Pain

Tennis / Golfer Elbow

Shoulder Pain – Rotator cuff / Impingement

Knee Pain / Ankle Pain / Foot Pain

Muscle weakness


Sports Injuries

Ankle Sprain

Muscle Pain / Impingement / Sprain / Strain / Tear / Injuries

Shin Splints

Shoulder Pain / Impingement


Joint Pain

Ligament Sprain / Strain / Tear

Knee Pain

Post Operative Treatment / Rehab

Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Tendon / Ligament / Meniscus Repair

Pulmonology / Lung Treatments






Ultrasound / Laser for breastfeeding Moms

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Physiotherapy covers a multitude of conditions and it is impossible to mention them all. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you are wondering about conditions.

About me

I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1998 from the University of Pretoria. I started working in 1999 in a big private practice that treated a huge variety of conditions in hospital as well as in the rooms as out patients.

In 2002 I had the opportunity to work in the United Kingdom for 2 years. In the UK I worked in different fields of Physiotherapy, learning different approaches.


See what our customers has to say

Best in Town – you get hands on treatment with a comfortable environment. Service is excellent with progress and results discussions on every visit. REAL thoughtfulness on your specific needs.

Excellent by Shaun

Ilse has been my family’s physio for years, having been to other physios and tried other type of treatments I can honestly testify that the “hands on” treatment that you receive from Ilse is the best. Not only does she give you the best treatment but is honest as to how many treatments you would require for the best results. I would highly recommend Ilse Pienaar.

Excellent by Tania

After many weeks of having issues with my shoulder with restricted use, I made my way to Ilse Pienaar’s rooms, rather uncertain on what to expect…
From the moment I walked into Ilse’s rooms, I was met with a warm welcome from all the staff.

Ilse’s professionalism, her comprehensive knowledge and experience, her empathy, and kind heart have been evident in the way she treated me.
I am grateful to say after treatment and following her guidelines and recommendations, I have use of my shoulder again.

As the old proverb says:” A man’s gift makes room for him….”
Ilse is truly one who uses her gift well.

Tanya van Zutphen

My husband and I have been to Ilse several times for different reasons. Each time she was able to diagnose where the problem came from. I love that she is not scared to work with her hands and doesn’t just put a machine on you. She also gave us stretches and exercises to do to improve the problem long term. I would highly recommend Ilze next time you need a physio

Angie Sutherland-Clark

My whole family have been patients of Ilse since 2012. Always helpful with stretching exercises we can do at home BUT you have to do them and not be lazy! lol! Ilse has always been helpful where it comes to my kids and advice to their treatment. I always recommend Ilse to anyone I come across.

Marlene Jadischke